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£55 An hour when you buy full 5 one hour senssion

Terms and Conditions

Etiquette and medical information


 Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment for our team to prepare for your treatments.


 Please be thought ful of other appointment scheduled after your treatment it is common courtesy to all our clients for our therapist to provide the full treatment time scheduled and late appointments can effect you booking as requested, to ensure this will not impact other customers bookings. late appointments will not be honoured. Treatments starting late will still finish at the appointed time, so other guests are not inconvenienced.


During the massage session customers are required to keep their underwear on.

If you have any medical conditions please inform Thai Charms as prior to making your booking we may need to direct your treatment to other options.


Thai charms is a professional massage centre and we do not provide and sort of erotic or sexual services.